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Alexsandria J. Heaton, known as Ali, died at St. John Medical Center Tuesday night, where she was taken with head, neck and chest injuries, according to the Washington State Patrol.

The 16-year-old high school junior moved to Castle Rock two years ago and had numerous friends at the school, where she served on the cheerleading squad last year and again this fall and winter, said Principal Henry Karnofski.

"She was a really nice, polite young woman. You don't hear a bad word about her from anyone," Karnofski said. "She was a real good addition to the school."

The school called in counselors to deal with the loss, and volunteers from the Castle Rock Ministerial Association also were on hand Wednesday for anyone who needed to talk. Heaton was well-known by all students because she helped produce the daily televised school bulletin as part of the media class, Karnofski said.

Wednesday night's girls basketball game at R.A. Long High School was cancelled in observance of Heaton's death, as was a Future Business Leaders of America trip to Seattle.

"It's been traumatic for our school," Karnofski said. "It's affected so many people." Teachers at Coweeman Junior High School in Kelso -- where Heath was on the basketball, volleyball and track teams -- also were deeply affected, said principal Adele Marshall.

"I've been told she was really one of those dynamic kids, really involved in school, ... and someone who walked in lots of circles," Marshall said. "Our staff has been really upset today."

Heaton was killed in a two-car collision at milepost 9.7 of West Side Highway, about two miles south of Castle Rock.

The state patrol determined Heaton was driving too fast for road conditions when she took a corner north of Beverly Heights Road shortly after 8 p.m. Heaton was driving south in a 1990 Honda Accord.

Heaton's car went onto the shoulder and fishtailed, going broadside into the northbound lane where it was struck by a 1999 Dodge Durango driven by Theresa A. Rehak, 33, of Vader.


BEAVERTON, Ore. - Although it originally appeared a crash that claimed the lives of three teenagers might have been the result of drinking and driving, toxicology reports prove otherwise.

The deadly crash happened just after midnight on Nov. 27 off of Highway 26 on S.W. Scholls Ferry Road.

The three teenagers were killed when the Subaru they were in struck an oncoming Ford Explorer, which was driven by another teenager who was treated and released from the hospital.

Beer cans were found strewn throughout the mangled Subaru, leading investigators to believe that alcohol might have played a role in the crash.

Killed in the crash were 17-year-old Gwendolyn Lindsay-Bradley, 17-year-old Moriah Hathaway and 19-year-old Jonathan Medina.

"There is comfort in knowing that it was quick," Robin Hathaway, Moriah's mother, told KATU News. "They told us that they died instantly."

Adding to Hathaway's grief was the suggestion that the teenagers were drinking and driving, which was the first impression that investigators got when they discovered the car loaded with beer cans.

However, toxicology tests prove just the opposite - Jonathan Medina measured 0.00, Moria Hathaway 0.03 and Gwendolyn Lindsay-Bradley 0.01.

Investigators now believe there is another reason for the crash - that Medina was driving way too fast and out of control.

"He made bad decisions when it came to his driving," said Mike Shults with the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office. "That was reported throughout our investigation and bad decisions ranged from everything from driving too fast, being reckless, giving in to peer pressure. Those were the things that really caused that deadly combination."

Moria's parents say they feel vindicated now that the truth is out. They also say it does not change they way they feel about Medina, who was their daughter's boyfriend.

"We were both 19 once," said Robin. "My husband and I both have grown up around fast cars. This just happened to be one of the times that it caught up with somebody. I think most of us can relate."

"Most of us when we are teenagers think we are invincible," said Geoff Hathaway, Moriah's father.

"Sometimes bad things happen to good people and that's what happened," Robin said. "And that is how we are getting by."

Investigators say the car was going about 50 mph on wet roads. The speed limit in the narrow, windy section of Scholls Ferry Road where the crash happened is 35 mph.

Medina was a member of the River City Jaguars Junior Hockey Team. Hathaway was a senior at Beaverton High School. Lindsay-Bradley was the valedictorian at the Oregon National Guard's Youth Challenge Program.


A Thanksgiving gathering ended tragically for the family of a longtime Woodside High School soccer coach who was killed along with two nephews when their car crashed into a house in rural Pleasanton, authorities said Friday.

David Crevelt, 47, of Livermore, a father of three and respected former coach at Woodside High, left his home late Thursday with his two nephews -- Joseph Ingenluyff, 21, of South Lake Tahoe and James Gurevich, 17, of Simi Valley (Ventura County) -- after the family had celebrated Thanksgiving together.

California Highway Patrol investigators said the 1998 Lincoln Town Car driven by Ingenluyff careened off El Charro Road at 11:30 p.m. before smashing into the side of a ranch house.

No one inside the house was injured. The cause of the accident is under investigation, CHP Officer Steve Creel said.

"Given the hour, the location and the severity of the impact, we cannot rule out that alcohol and speeding were factors in this accident," Creel said.

A final determination will be made after toxicology tests are completed, a process that could take as long as eight weeks to complete.

Sarah Ingenluyff was at a loss Saturday to explain why her brother, who was driving the vehicle, left with Crevelt and her cousin James at that hour. She said the men had been drinking alcohol.

"He protected me through everything," Ingenluyff said, choking back tears. "He was a little too protective. He was a very loving brother. He taught me a lot."

Crevelt's wife, Ingrid, was too distraught to be interviewed, Crevelt's brother and sister said.

"We're grieving," said Patrick Crevelt, standing outside his brother's Livermore house. "He was our dear brother."

Patrick Crevelt said his brother was beloved not only by his family and friends, but by his fellow coaches and soccer players whom he nurtured for 18 years at Woodside High. David and Ingrid Crevelt have three children, Tyler, 12, Kaila, 6, and Colby, 2.

Crevelt's sister Sharon Vintze said her brother retired from coaching in the spring of 2004 but continued working in insurance sales.

"We're torn," Vintze said. "All we can say is three family members are dead. One accident took our brother and two nephews."

Patrick Crevelt said his brother took great pride in coaching the young soccer players at Woodside High.

"He was great with the students. He had a tremendous amount of civic pride. He worked hard in the community. He had a zest for life. He loved his wife and children very much. He made me laugh. He was quite the jokester."

Rich McMillan, a friend of Ingenluyff, described Ingenluyff as being "close as a brother."

"He had no friends," McMillan said. "Everyone was family."

The corner of the Pleasanton ranch house where the car landed was smashed, and the occupants said they were feeling lucky to have not been hurt.

Jesus Grajeda said he and his wife were asleep in an upstairs bedroom when they heard a loud crash and felt their house shake. The couple live in the two-story house and are caretakers of Rancho Del Charro horse stables.

"I felt it jerk," Grajeda said. "We were sound asleep. It was scary. I thought it was an earthquake. I was expecting aftershocks."

Grajeda looked out his bedroom window and saw a large chunk of a concrete barrier broken and lying in the driveway. When he went outside, he saw the Town Car crushed like a tin can.

The vehicle had veered off the road and smashed roof first into the side of the brick lower portion of the ranch house. The force of the impact caved in the exterior wall of the home office, Grajeda said.

"I am sorry for the families of these three people," Grajeda said. "I also feel lucky that nothing happened to us."


A San Francisco man who was shot and killed in Golden Gate Park had confronted two brothers after they tried to rob a woman, police said Wednesday.

The 27-year-old victim, identified as Taff Michel, was shot at 6:48 p.m. Tuesday on Kezar Drive south of John F. Kennedy Drive.

Police identified the suspects as Travis Tackett, 22, and his brother, William Tackett, 24, both from Redmond, Wash. They were arrested on suspicion of murder and were both being held without bail pending formal charges.

Investigators said the two men were in the process of robbing an unknown woman in Golden Gate Park near Kezar Drive when the woman screamed and started to berate them.

A man, an acquaintance of Michel's, saw that the suspects were armed and shouted to the woman about the weapon. The suspects walked away, and the woman followed them. The man continued warning her about their being armed.

She stopped following them, and the man followed them but retreated when they showed him a gun. At this point, Michel was approaching the suspects, and his acquaintance warned Michel about the weapon, police said. It is unknown whether Michel heard the warning.

Michel confronted the suspects and was shot multiple times, inspector Tom Walsh said.

"He was an innocent victim,'' Walsh said.

A police search of the area turned up the suspects, hiding in bushes nearby. "They got lost -- they did not know where they were going,'' Walsh said.

Police spokeswoman Maria Oropeza said police were trying to determine whether there were any other robberies committed in the area in the days before the shooting. "We are obviously looking for anyone else who may have been involved,'' she said.

Police are looking for the woman who was targeted in the robbery as well as a couple in a white SUV who may have witnessed the events.

San Francisco police are also investigating another homicide that was discovered Tuesday.

In that case, a San Francisco man who police say was slain over the weekend was apparently targeted in a robbery at his home where he grew marijuana for sale.

Gregory Miller, 32, a project manager for a solar power installation firm in Napa, was found at 8 p.m. Tuesday by police who were summoned to check on him after he failed to come to work.

Police went in through a window and found Miller dead in his home in the 1000 block of Jamestown Ave. Police found dozens of marijuana plants in another room.

Police believe Miller was killed by robbers who escaped with cash, said Inspector Michael Johnson.

Miller had no criminal record, Johnson said.


Two college students were killed and their friend was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving after the car they were riding in plunged off Interstate 580 in Oakland in a violent, high-speed crash early Sunday, punctuating a deadly weekend on the roads.

Eight people were killed in crashes Saturday and Sunday in Oakland, Pinole, Martinez, rural Sonoma County and Novato. In the Novato crash, the California Highway Patrol reported finding open alcohol containers in a truck that had been speeding with one passenger hanging halfway out a window.

In Oakland, 21-year-old Tonny Tran was driving a Ford Mustang east on I-580 just after 2 a.m. Sunday when he lost control, said CHP officer Trent Cross. The car rolled over, crashed down an embankment and through trees and bushes and landed just yards from a house near the 35th Avenue exit.

Back-seat passengers Phethsamone "Birdy" Bounprakob, a 22-year-old San Jose State student who had just earned her real estate license, and Davis Huynh, 21, a Laney College student who coached youth basketball, were ejected from the car and died at the scene. Both lived in Oakland.

Tran, also of Oakland, was arrested on suspicion of two counts of vehicular manslaughter as well as felony drunken driving. He and the front-seat passenger suffered minor injuries. Cross said witnesses told investigators Tran was driving recklessly at about 90 mph.

The victims' friends, who stood in vigil near the crash site Sunday and placed flowers on a tire that lay on matted bushes, said Tran's car was one of three carrying about a dozen people driving home from nightclubs in San Francisco. The other cars pulled over, but couldn't find the Mustang until emergency crews arrived.


Anthony Rael was just getting acquainted with NT and with living on his own, but he will never fulfill his aspirations of becoming an officer in the Marines. The Hickory Creek freshman died Sunday of causes still unknown. He was 18.

Rael’s friends and family remember him most for his sense of humor, his smarts and his ability to cheer people up.

“He loved to laugh, and he had a fantastic sense of humor,” Jill Rael, his mother, said. “He loved hanging out with his friends.”

He was going to go straight into the military service out of high school, but his sister, NT sophomore Indigo Rael, convinced him to get an education first. He decided to join her at NT as an international studies major.

“He’s always been ready to die for the country,” Indigo said.

He was having some trouble adjusting to college life, but he enjoyed his schoolwork – especially his Arabic and philosophy classes, she said.

“He was a philosopher,” Indigo said. “He was a thinker.”

Jill believed Rael was on the right track.

“I think he was just hitting his stride in school,” she said. “He was just starting to figure it out. He was really finally breaking away from home and family and making it on his own.”

Before coming to NT, Rael was involved with theater while he was attending Lake Dallas High School.

“He loved the acting and just the community of people,” Indigo said. “Theater and the people in it brought out the goofy side of him.”

Jeff Salomon, Shady Shores freshman, knew Rael for five years. While they attended Lake Dallas High School, they worked on Neil Simon’s “Rumors” together.

“We had so much fun,” Salomon said. “We would spend five hours a day rehearsing, putting in the extra time. He was a great guy.”

Rael’s friends have shown a lot of support to his family.

“People just started coming to the house, left and right,” Jill said. “He has one friend flying all the way down from Alaska.”

Donna Niewinski, Corinth freshman, has known him since they were in eighth grade together.

“He had an amazing personality,” Niewinski said. “He was one the funniest guys I’ve met in my entire life.”

Rael is survived by his parents, Mark and Jill Rael of Hickory Creek, and his sister, Indigo.


Tori's Blog 2 days prior to her death

oh woe is me... poor poor Tori!! lol. So this morning I woke up, had back pains all night again - couldn't sleep. This has been happening a lot lately. So I wake up, couldn't breath - very hard to breath deep. Got read, then started having a coughing attack. I notice blood in my mucus and my chest gets harder to breath. I start crying, it hurtts and frankly I am scared - I have never felt like this. So I call the on call nurse, she ends up asking me if I have a history of cardic arrests - um no. Have I been using cocaine latley - yea no. She tells me I need to call 911, I say "no i will call my Dr when the office opens" she says "ok well just know you have been told to call 911". - um ok. (anyone who knows me knows I am hard headed - I hate the Dr, and frankly I would have passed had the next thing not happened).

So like 10 minutes later I feel woozy and lay down. All of a sudden the sharpest pain EVER happens in my chest, and now it's hard to breath - I start crying, I am scared. So I am now thinking (because the nurse mentioned cardiac arrest) I am having either angina or a fucking heart attack. Yea good times!! I am 30 years old and on the same path as my father. He died 10 years ago - i am lucky enough to not only look exactly like him, but have his temper, his eating habits and his outlook on life.... can we say 'FUCKED'??

So Rachel is my god send, takes me to the hospital where we sit for 8 hours in the ER. For one I went in for chest pain - so they treat me for that. I was so fucking hungry and moody and i nawful pain - I was not pleasent. But my wife is an angel and puts up with me, got me a cute lil lion to cheer me up and just spoiled me with love, back rubs, water runs, and laughter. So 8 hours later, I get told I have pneumonia. WTF!!!??? I have not even had a cold lately! But apperently you can just get it.....

So I will be home, resting... I am glad this isn;t AS serious as I thought, but it is putting a lot in perspective for me. I need to better my life. I am also thankful I have insurance. AND I am thankful this is happening now, because we go to Baltimore next Friday!!! UGH!! JUST in time for me to feel better. one good thing about today.. I got some mutha fuckin oxycode!! My favorite!!!! YAY!!! Made the 8 hours damn near worth it!!!

So besides my gloating on my lovely wife, and what a fucking saint she is... no really no one really knows how good she is to me. I have a wonderful BFF who cares for me - I love her so much!! She is my "twin sister seperated in heaven". I am grateful everyday for her. I also have a good nephew who takes good care of me. We have our rough moments, but I love him. He is very good to me also. I am very blessed with the people I have in my life. I do not always show it, and they all put up with me, and love me. I would die for all 3 of these people. They could have my kidneys - anything, my life for theirs - in a heart beat.

Ok, so yea ... send me some mutha fuckin pitty!! I am NEVER sick like this!!! I feel like I got kicked in the chest by a horse and then someone is squeezing the shit out of my lungs....


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