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Moriah Hathaway, (17) Wendy Bradley, (17) Jon Medina, (19) -- Car Accident

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BEAVERTON, Ore. - Although it originally appeared a crash that claimed the lives of three teenagers might have been the result of drinking and driving, toxicology reports prove otherwise.

The deadly crash happened just after midnight on Nov. 27 off of Highway 26 on S.W. Scholls Ferry Road.

The three teenagers were killed when the Subaru they were in struck an oncoming Ford Explorer, which was driven by another teenager who was treated and released from the hospital.

Beer cans were found strewn throughout the mangled Subaru, leading investigators to believe that alcohol might have played a role in the crash.

Killed in the crash were 17-year-old Gwendolyn Lindsay-Bradley, 17-year-old Moriah Hathaway and 19-year-old Jonathan Medina.

"There is comfort in knowing that it was quick," Robin Hathaway, Moriah's mother, told KATU News. "They told us that they died instantly."

Adding to Hathaway's grief was the suggestion that the teenagers were drinking and driving, which was the first impression that investigators got when they discovered the car loaded with beer cans.

However, toxicology tests prove just the opposite - Jonathan Medina measured 0.00, Moria Hathaway 0.03 and Gwendolyn Lindsay-Bradley 0.01.

Investigators now believe there is another reason for the crash - that Medina was driving way too fast and out of control.

"He made bad decisions when it came to his driving," said Mike Shults with the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office. "That was reported throughout our investigation and bad decisions ranged from everything from driving too fast, being reckless, giving in to peer pressure. Those were the things that really caused that deadly combination."

Moria's parents say they feel vindicated now that the truth is out. They also say it does not change they way they feel about Medina, who was their daughter's boyfriend.

"We were both 19 once," said Robin. "My husband and I both have grown up around fast cars. This just happened to be one of the times that it caught up with somebody. I think most of us can relate."

"Most of us when we are teenagers think we are invincible," said Geoff Hathaway, Moriah's father.

"Sometimes bad things happen to good people and that's what happened," Robin said. "And that is how we are getting by."

Investigators say the car was going about 50 mph on wet roads. The speed limit in the narrow, windy section of Scholls Ferry Road where the crash happened is 35 mph.

Medina was a member of the River City Jaguars Junior Hockey Team. Hathaway was a senior at Beaverton High School. Lindsay-Bradley was the valedictorian at the Oregon National Guard's Youth Challenge Program.



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