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Tacey Christman, 19 -- Brain Aneurysm

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An Eastern student died last week of an aneurysm she suffered on campus. She is the third of four Eastern students to die in the last six months.

Tacey Christman, 19, died at the Univesity of Kentucky Medical Center, Thursday, April 6.

Christman, an undeclared freshman from Jackson, Ohio, was in class Tuesday, April 4, when she complained of a headache. She went to the restroom in the Moore Building where she suffered a brain aneurysm.

She was taken to Pattie A. Clay Regional Medical Center and then transferred to the UK Medical Center later that day. She was in a coma until she died two days later.

Christman died just three days before Kimberly Freeman, a 21-year-old business and marketing education major from Cincinnati, was found unresponsive in her room in McGregor Hall.

She was transported to Pattie A. Clay Regional Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead at 12:30 p.m. Sunday, April 9. Freeman's death was the fourth death of an Eastern student in the last six months.

Last November, two other Eastern students --- Shawn Samples of Ravenna and Chase Hall of Knott County - died on campus of accidental drug overdoses.

And last April, Stephanie Kremer died of acute respiratory failure, prompting her mother, Cindy Frolich, to demand CPR training for resident assistants.

Frolich said she believes if Kremer had been given CPR, she would have lived.

Eastern does not provide on-campus emergency care, though some students and faculty in the Emergency Medical Services Department are considering developing a first-responder team.



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