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Samantha Giltner, 17 -- Car Accident

(Hit By Drunk Driver)

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BAKERSFIELD - A memorial for the Stockdale High School student killed by a drunk driver is set for Wednesday.

Seventeen-year-old Samantha Giltner died early Sunday morning in a car accident.

Bakersfield Police said 18-year-old Aaryn Sprayberry crashed into Giltner's car and that Sprayberry was under the influence of alcohol.

Meantime, symbols of support for the family have been pouring in. A make shift memorial was set up by her friends and it continues to grow, in Southwest Bakersfield.

But, Giltner's family is angry and they said they hope justice is ultimately served. The family also wants to set the record straight about the moments leading up to Giltner's death.

The victim’s mom, Renee Van Der Oef said, “Everybody is turning it around, that she was drinking and driving and that's the last memory that everybody is going to have of her.”

In a tearful interview, she defended her daughter's reputation.

The Giltner family created posters outside their home in southwest Bakersfield read, “alleged drunk drivers Sprayberry and Josh Vogel were speeding down Ming Avenue.”

Bakersfield Police tell KGET, the ongoing investigation does not support those allegations.

Giltner was pronounced dead after Sprayberry crashed into her car early Sunday morning. Vogel then crashed into that accident scene.

Police said Sprayberry and Vogel are facing DUI charges. Sprayberry is also facing a misdemeanor charge of vehicular manslaughter.

The District Attorney's office says a conviction on a misdemeanor DUI charge and a misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter charge could carry up to a year in jail, if the person being charged has no prior record.



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