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James McCoy III, 18 -- Hanging

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BELLEFONTAINE, Ohio -- A Central Ohio couple is dealing with the loss of their son under mysterious circumstances. Now all they want is an explanation.

James McCoy III turned 18 years old Saturday. He died the same day, NBC 4's Tacoma Newsome reported.

When McCoy called his mother from a church retreat in Bellefontaine, she told him that their family would celebrate his birthday on Monday.

"But he don't have a tomorrow now, and nobody will tell me why," said Tonya Amoako-Okyere, McCoy's mother.

While on the retreat, he was found in the woods hanging from a tree. His parents still don't know how it happened, and no one has given them any answers.

"Something's not right," Amoako-Okyere said.

Suicide was suggested, but his parents said he had so much to live for.

James McCoy, a Westerville South High School student, was a musician at The Church of The Messiah. He earned a 3.8 GPA and was already accepted to college.

"There's no way that my son ... would have hung himself," said James McCoy Jr., his father.

Logan County investigators said they spoke to others at the camp, and that revealed a different young man.

"It revealed that there was some issues with this young man that day. Until we get more of a determination, we'll stretch that further if need be," a Logan County police officer said.

But, an Internet blog maintained by McCoy revealed his passion for God, music and the church.

Church officials said they have no answers. One church official said the church has heard different information from different sources.



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