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Kaitlyn Druckreier, 18 -- Blood Clot

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NEW MILFORD - Even in nursery school, Kaitlyn Druckreier knew that something was wrong with her. "Poppie, I have got a broken heart," the little girl told her grandfather.

He asked her who broke it.

"I was born with it," Kaitlyn said.

Indeed she was. And that bad heart finally gave out last week, after 18 years.

But it lasted long enough for Kaitlyn to gaze at the stars, to graduate from New Milford High School, to spend happy hours watching NASCAR races with a doting dad.

It lasted long enough for her to work as a nursing assistant, to study to be an emergency medical technician, to dream of a career in medicine.

"She was a very compassionate person," said Kaitlyn's mother, Alice Druckreier.

It is a sad ending. But to listen to Kaitlyn's family and friends, it is not a sad story. She believed in living life to the fullest. She was loving, hard-working, and always looking ahead.

Her aunt, Nancy Doyle, said Kaitlyn was determined to not let her condition limit her. "She was, like, 'This is me. This is who I am. Accept it and move on.'Ÿ"

Kaitlyn died Friday at Yale-New Haven Hospital. She had been taken there because her heart began to race. Doctors got it under control, but just as her parents arrived to pick her up to go home, a blood clot broke loose in her lung.

"They worked on her for an hour trying to revive her," said her mother. "We talked to her, laughed with her, and just like that she was gone."

Just like that.

When you're young and think life will go on forever, just like that is hard to take.



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